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  1. Leonardo da Vinci

    SS Leonardo da Vinci (oil painting on panel 40x40cm)

    Ship's bow of the Leonardo da Vinci 1970 Oil on canvas 9,5x12 inch / 2018
  3. Leonardo da Vinci

    Leonardo da Vinci and Vesuvius.
  4. Leonardo da Vinci

    Seen entering Lisbon summer 1966
  5. Leonardo da Vinci

    Leonardo da Vinci Dressed overall but with not one passenger in sight ? Any info welcome as to when or where? Could this be her maiden voyage? It does not look like NY in the background?
  6. Leonardo da Vinci

    At New York in 1972
  7. Leonardo Da Vinci at anchor

    Leonardo Da Vinci at anchor with tender alongside.
  8. Leonardo Da Vinci - port of Gibraltar

    Visible behind and above is the whitewashed patch of the rock used to collect rainwater for the British outpost.
  9. Leonardo Da Vinci - New York maiden arrival

    Passing the Woolworth Building.
  10. Leonardo Da Vinci at home port of Genoa

    In the Italian tradition ships are docked stern first. Lucky were the Genovan kids raised in the apartments behind...
  11. Leonardo da Vinci

    Italia Line's Leonardo da Vinci at Santa Cruz, Tenerife
  12. TN Leonardo Da Vinci

    Publicity photo for the Italian Line Cruise's Leonardo Da Vinci as seen in a 1979 book of North American cruise liners. This was the company's ill-fated attempt to keep in the passenger shipping business after the closing of their trans-Atlantic liner service. Note the large tenders on bow area...
  13. Leonardo Da Vinci

    River cruiser Leonardo Da Vinci leaving Remagen, 29 March 2010.
  14. Leonardo da Vinci

    leonardo da vinci..picture scan from unknown date.
  15. Leonardo Da Vinci_

    Leonardo da Vinci passing obviously another Italian Line passenger vessel, note the smoke from fired rockets, from which vessel ?
  16. Leonardo Da Vinci

    Other picture...
  17. Leonardo Da Vinci

    Model of Leonardo Da Vinci
  18. Leonardo Da Vinci_1975

    Leonardo Da Vinci_15th May 1975_Boston.
  19. Leonardo Da Vinci

    The Leonardo Da Vinci given a traditional welcome in New York. Late fifties?
1-20 of 40 Results