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  1. Leslie J Thompson

    Northbound at Cape Flattery, Great Barrier Reef, 1963
  2. Leslie J Thompson

    Northbound from Botany Bay to Dumai, Sumatra 1963. Cape Flattery of James Cook fame in background.
  3. Leslie J Thompson

    Eastbound off East Timor from Dumai to Botany Bay, 1963. In 1970 I got my first job as Chief Officer on LJT.
  4. Leslie J Thompson

    She was laid down as Naess Dragon but was bought on the stocks at Cockerill in Belgium and was launched as Leslie J Thompson for Ampol Petroleum Ltd of Sydney. Like all Ampol ships up to 1965 she was under the UK flag. The pennants are the Qld Coast & Torres Strait pilots number. Early vhf sets...
1-4 of 4 Results