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  1. Leviathan

    United States Lines 'Oilette' depicting the leviathan at Cherbourg
  2. Leviathan

    This last shot shows the ship turning toward the mouth of the Hudson as she leaves America forever.
  3. Leviathan

    This second shot actually shows the ship beginning her final departure. The masts and funnels have all been cut down for her passage beneath the Rail Bridge on the Forth.
  4. Leviathan

    This is the first of a series of three shots taken of the Leviathan as she departed Hoboken, New Jersey for the last time on 25 January, 1938, and bound for the breakers at Rosyth.
  5. Leviathan

    Leviathan is shown from the air after departing New York and beginning her final voyage to Rosyth. The old ship's long period of lay-up and neglect would make this a lengthy and difficult voyage.
  6. Leviathan

    Leviathan is shown during her long period of lay-up in New York Harbor. The writing on the pier is difficult to read, but it looks like the United States Line wrote their name right over top of the Cunard Anchor Line without painting over the older name first.
  7. SS US rebuild bad idea number two...

    The new Leviathan! Even has a row of balcony cabins!
  8. Leviathan and Olympic

    Leviathan and Olympic are seen together late in their careers, I believe the picture was taken early in 1934.
  9. Leviathan

    United States Lines Part of the 1st Class Dining Saloon
  10. Leviathan

    United States Lines The 1st Class Night Club
  11. Leviathan

    United States Lines The 1st Class Smoke Room
  12. Olympic, Berengaria, and Leviathan

    A trio of Atlantic giants is seen docked together at Southampton in the mid 1920’s. The picture provides a nice view of the Olympic seen from the stern.
  13. Leviathan and Imperator

    This is a panoramic photograph taken in 1919 which shows a rare view of the Leviathan and Imperator tied up together while both liners were serving as repatriation ships for US troops. Although the photo says New York, NY, the picture was actually taken at a pier in Hoboken NJ.
  14. Leviathan

    This wartime picture of the Leviathan confused me a bit, but I believe it shows the ship during repatriation service in 1919. The ship’s returning a full load of US troops to Hoboken NJ, and it appears that the ship has been turned around in the river, using the current to facilitate the ships...
  15. Leviathan

    This picture of the Leviathan was taken at Boston. It shows the ship in her beautiful US Lines colors.
  16. Leviathan

    America’s largest troopship, the Leviathan, is seen anchored to a buoy in the French port of Brest, in 1918.
  17. Olympic, Aquitania, and Leviathan

    The Olympic is seen resting at her berth in Southampton while Aquitania occupies the slip next to her on the left. The picture was taken from the starboard bridge wing of the Leviathan, whose foredeck is visible at the bottom of the image. The picture was taken sometime during the 1920’s.
  18. Leviathan's last voyage

    Aerial view of the Leviathan making her last Atlantic crossing to the shipbreakers. Note that her masts and funnels have been cut down for bridge clearance at her destination (Rosyth, Scotland).
  19. SS Leviathan

    The SS Leviathan (54,282 grt) whilst docking. Launched on April 13th, 1913 by Blohm and Voss, Hamburg she was the largest ship in the worls exceeding her sister-ship Imperator by about 2,000 grt. Vaterland made only a few trips for HAPAG and sought shelter at New York in late July 1914, only...
1-20 of 40 Results