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  1. Libanon

    The German m/s LIBANON, 115,6m/ 4.435gt/ 13kn; 09/09/1952 completed by Lubecker Flenderwerke AG, Lubeck, for Deutsch Levante Linie AG, Hamburg; 1956 LIBANON, Hamburg Sudamerikanische, Hamburg (DLL was taken by Hamburg Sud); 1971 LIBANON, Simbolo Oceanico Nav. SA., Greece, Panama flag; 11/04/1979...
  2. Libanon

    Libanon c 52 5207495 4320 6134 Libanon- Simbolo Oceanico S.A., Griekenland. Lubeck Flender-Werke , Lubeck. bn:426
1-2 of 2 Results