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  1. Liberte & Ile De France

    The Liberte and Ile De France are seen together in this shot from the 1950’s. It was probably not common for both ships to be in the same port together, since they maintained a tandem schedule that saw the two ships sailing from opposite sides of the Atlantic at any given time.
  2. Liberte

    The newly restored French liner Liberte, (ex SS Europa) is seen arriving in New York on her Maiden Voyage on 23 August, 1950.

    At the wharf in Le Havre end of 50's Oil on canvas 12 x 16 inch
  4. Liners in New York

    A fine group of liners seen together in New York on 3 January, 1961.
  5. EUROPA maximum speed

    The German record passenger liner EUROPA seen here during a maximum speed trials run after being requisitioned by the German Navy (Kriegsmarine) for the use as a troop ship in 1940. The EUROPA (49,746 GRT / 20,425 NET) was ordered in 1927, and launched on 15 Aug 1928 by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg...
  6. Liberte arrives Le Havre

    Colourised image of the Liberte arriving at Le Havre some time in the mid/late-1950s
  7. Liberte and escort

    Liberte picks up an escort on the way to the docks...
  8. Liberte docking NYC

    Liberte docking New York City mid/late 1950s - the buildings and ships were smaller than today, yet this looks like a much bigger world...
  9. Liberte - early rendering

    Early rendering of GCT's Liberte with the hull/superstructure line down a deck...
  10. Liberte and Liberty

    In what looks to be the final departure from New York, Liberte steams past the Statue of Liberty...
  11. Completing the Europa

    The German record passenger liner Europa seen here during completion at the Blohm and Voss yard in Hamburg, photographed in the second half of 1929. The Europa (49,746 grt/20,425 nrt) was launched on Aug. 15th, 1928 by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg and left Bremerhaven for her maiden voyage on March...
  12. Liberte

    CGT’s new Liberte is shown from a distance, approaching New York in 1950. The former Europa’s rehabilitation into the French Lines’ new flagship had taken five years, and had involved a minor sinking of the ship at Le Havre in December, 1946, as well as another fire onboard in October, 1949.
  13. Luxury Liner Row

    Another view of Luxury Liner Row in New York City, and this time, the picture was taken in the late 1950’s, or early 1960’s. A classic view showing what would prove to be some of the last great North Atlantic Liners.
  14. Europa in war colours

    The German record passenger liner Europa seen here camouflaged in naval service during a test run in the second half of 1940. The Europa (49,746 grt/20,425 nrt) was launched on Aug. 15th, 1928 by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg and left Bremerhaven for her maiden voyage on March 19th, 1930 after her...
  15. Liberte

    SNCM Ferryterranee Built 1980 by Dubigeon Normandie Length 141.6 metres width 21.5 metres - 12,000 gross tons, Speed 21.5 knots Passenger capacity 1,240, vehicle capacity 440 Later Biladi of Comarit
  16. Liner EUROPA on fire

    The nearly completed German ocean liner Europa (49,746 GRT / 56,400 ts) on fire at the equipment dock in Hamburg on 29 March 1929. The fire raged all day long and was not extinguished until the evening, badly damaging the ships turbines and hull. The cause of the fire has never been clearly...
  17. The SS Europa (later SS Liberté)

    Post card from my mother's 1938 voyage to USA. Back Says: From Bremer[haven] to NY in 5 1/2 days. From Wikipedia: The SS Europa (later SS Liberté) was a 1929 German built ocean liner constructed for the Norddeutsche Lloyd line (NDL) to work the transatlantic sea route. She and her sister...
  18. Liberte

    French Line's conversion of the former NDL Europa post WWII
  19. SS Liberte maiden arrival New York

    Gala 1950 arrival for the Liberte after an arduous four years rebuilding that included a refloating and repair after sinking in a 1947 storm. Before the war was North German Lloyd's Europa.
  20. Liberte

    A superb rendition of this great trans-Atlantic liner by the French artist Marin-Marie
1-20 of 21 Results