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  1. Lienerhorn

    Should have put this one in first. This is where the wind starts to take her and she starts misbehaving - badly!
  2. Tight squeeze.

    Close manouevering from Meeching. Note the harbour wall at the bottom right. Clearance at this point was around 3 - 4 feet, sometimes less.
  3. Bump

    This was the bump! Someone had the sense to use an old trashcan as a makeshift fender.
  4. Meeching and Lienerhorn 8

    I knew I had some colour shots of this salvage. Here, Meeching is shortening the tow, having got her into the bight of the breakwater. The fun was about to start. This pic was taken from the old West Pier lighthouse and signal station (long since gone), hence the ropes at the top right.
  5. Meeching and Lienerhorn 7

    Meeching and Lienerhorn in the 'narrows' at Newhaven
  6. Meeching and Lienerhorn 6

    This is the final result of all the activity. Lienerhorn safely alongside Ulysses Reefer, ready for the local fire crews to assist with pumping out.
  7. Lienerhorn 5

    The East Quay is full, local firefighters are standing by on board the Ulysses Reefer, ready to start pumping out the Lienerhorn.
  8. Lienerhorn 4

    Having negotiated the narrows, Meeching heads up harbour with her prize.
  9. Lienerhorn 3

    Meeching takes Lienerhorn into Newhaven
  10. Lienerhorn 2

    Meeching guides Lienerhorn through the 'narrows' at Newhaven.
1-10 of 10 Results