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  1. Nurnberg

    The Nürnberg, was a German light cruiser after World War II, Nürnberg was transferred to the Soviet Union and renamed Admiral Makarov after the Russian admiral Stepan Makarov. While covering minelaying operations off the British North Sea coast, the ship was torpedoed during the night of 12...
  2. A near miss on a light cruiser

    On the horizon, bombs straddle a light cruiser off Crete in the Mediterranean in June 1942. Photo probably taken from HMS Javelin.
  3. HMS Caroline, Belfast early '60's

    Last surviving first world war cruiser in the early '60's
  4. USS RICHMOND speed run

    The complete caption: USS RICHMOND speed run 32 1/2 knots Phila, Pa. May 11, 1923 More on the USS RICHMOND here:
  5. Nürnberg

    German light cruiser Nürnberg in the Nord-Ostsee-Channel. In service 1935, 1946 Soviet cruiser Admiral Makarof. Probably scrapped about 1959. Scanned from a photo taken by a former member of the crew.
1-5 of 5 Results