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  1. Lighthouse

    The Strahan-registered fishing boat LIGHTHOUSE in Victoria Dock in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, on Monday, 16 October 2017.
  2. Unknown Lighthouse

    Can anyone identify this lighthouse, photo was probably taken in the 1950's, location possibly western side Scotland
  3. A lighthouse and a zoom

    The pics show the 'ends' of the x63 optical zoom on the Sony Cybershot DSC-H400 I got yesterday from Currys, £169.99. Unfortunately today is quite dull and the camera seems to have exaggerated this a little. Reducing multi-megapixels to SN format hasn't helped. Neither has hand-holding (against...
  4. Wittenbergen Lighthouse

    Wittenbergen Lighthouse Location: Wittenbergen, Hamburg, Elbe 40x50 cm acrylic on canvas
  5. Cape Hoorn

    Lighthous at Cape Horn 40x50cm acrylic on canvas
  6. Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

    Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse - Beagle Channel - Tierra del Fuego
  7. Helsinki arrival.

    Shot taken from the Johara (ex Polydorus) arriving Helsinki. The pilot station is next to the lighthouse on Harmaja island about 3 miles SE of Helsinki port. You can just make out the pilot flag (H flag on it's side) on one of the buildings, and also the city of Helsinki through the murk.
  8. Fastnet Rock

    Thought for a change I would put up Fastnet Rock Lighthouse. No tide and calm for a change.
  9. Calshot Spit Light Vessel

    The former Calshot Spit Light Vessel stands plinthed on the hard in Southampton, seemingly unwanted.
  10. Flannans lighthouse

    Flag dipping at Flannan Isles lighthouse as cruise-ship Devonia passes by, Jul 1966. (All 'keepers present and accounted-for thankfully.)
  11. Ailsa Craig Lighthouse

    This doesn't seem quite the right category for lighthouses but I see others are in it and this one was photographed by someone spending a short part of his life 'on board'. On Devonia to be precise, on an ornithological cruise in Jul 1966. Flags were dipped in mutual salute. I don't suppose...
  12. Roker Pier and Lighthouse, Port of Sunderland

    Looking down onto Roker Pier at Port of Sunderland Love the extreme curve
  13. Lighthouse, USA

    A series of line and watercolour sketches of Lighthouses. This one from the USA.
  14. Chesapeake Bay navigational light structure

    I believe this is on the Craighill Channel, part of the deep channel access to Baltimore harbor. Appears to provide accommodation for a keeper- note the facilities include a rather direct method of sewage disposal. A great place for a weekend getaway!
  15. Lighthouse, where?

    My father once took this image, maybe in the late 50's, but I have no idea where the location is. Anyone who recognize it?
  16. Toward Point

    Toward Point Lighthouse, Firth of Clyde
  17. Beachy Head Lighthouse

    Deaprting Shoreham Harbour at half flood you still have tide with you when going east and then again we have tide with us passing Dover. During spring tides it was 4-5 knots plus.
  18. Nugget Point Light

    Located in the Catlins region of the South Island in New Zealand. Sea lions were basking everwhere on the day I visited. Great place.
  19. Cape Foulwind Light

    Cook named the Cape because of the foul behaviour of the winds.
  20. Wellington approaches

    Guiding lights into Wellington Harbour, New Zealand
1-20 of 30 Results