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  1. unidentified liner= MAHENO

    Does anyone have any idea as to her identity. Taken by a Mrs C E Matheson.
  2. Queen Mary Navigation

    This vintage photograph of the Queen Mary shows an electronics rack that was not an original fitment, and does not normally feature in published pictures of her wheelhouse. Looks like an early radar system? Maybe 1950's? Anybody know anything about this?
  3. Aquitania under Construction

    'Aquitania' under construction at John Brown & Co Ltd, Clydebank in 1913, where the majority of the Cunard ships were built. Her keel was laid in the same plot that had famously served building Lusitania and that would later be used for building Queen Mary. This view is from a position north...
  4. Queen Elizabeth 2

    The classic cruise liner Queen Elizabeth 2 seen departing from Southampton, starting a Trans-Atlantic crossing. Seen on 10th September 2008

    I bought this old postcard today in Amsterdam. It shows a liner underway in a waterway. The location may be Ijmuiden. The bow of what is possibly a dredger called Kameleon is in the right foreground. On the back is written " Bremi, Zondag 10 October 1948.", although the photo seems to be e
  6. White Star Liner

    They give it as a wallpapper.I wonder what ship is that ?
  7. Transvaal Castle

  8. Oriana

    Frisco the summer of love , ashore that is
21-28 of 28 Results