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  1. FURNAS Air Conditioning Pumps

    Another photograph of FURNAS's air conditioning pumps.
  2. FURNAS Air Conditioning Pumps

    The FURNAS's air conditioning pumps.
  3. FURNAS Steering Gear

    The hydraulic gear used to shift FURNAS's rudder position.
  4. FURNAS Main Engine

    A bottom view of FURNAS's main engine. I didn't find anything about it untill now. :/
  5. FURNAS Main Engine

    Top view of FURNAS's 9 cyl. Engine. Please excuse me, but I can't remember what engine it is, only that is a MAN B&W... I'll try to find out more details soon.
  6. FURNAS Purifiers

    The three purifiers of FURNAS. The first is the Fuel purifier, the second the Diesel and the last one is the oil purifier.
  7. FURNAS Engine Room

    Another on board visit. This time, the portuguese Container Carrier FURNAS, former HYDRA J, on May 9th 2007. Small, but a beauty. The crew has treated her very well, keeping her also very clean. I was impressed in the good way. Unfortunatly, due to the crew's heavy work we didn't had time to visit t
1-8 of 8 Results