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  1. Lisieux

    SNCF At Newhaven on 9th August 1959
  2. Lisieux

    Alongside at Dieppe in the days when the boats moored almost in the town centre
  3. Lisieux

    The brand new Lisieux at Newhaven
  4. Lisieux

    The Lisieux at speed from a postcard purchased on board
  5. Lisieux

    The last of the fast classic Channel steamers introduced to the Newhaven - Dieppe service by SNCF Arriving at Newhaven in the 1960's
  6. Lisieux

    A French hand tinted postcard view from the 1950's showing the Lisieux at speed in mid-Channel
  7. Lisieux

    Arriving at Newhaven in the 1960's Lisieux later went on the become a member of the CGT fleet sailing to the Channel Islands and later joined Nomikos Lines as their Apollon
  8. Lisieux

    Lisieux arrives at Newhaven, the 'afternoon boat' that day. This is in the late 1950's. She had striking lines and a 25 knot turn of speed. Her Strombos funnel looked great from the side but hideous end on.
  9. Lisieux swings at Newhaven

    Lisieux prepares to depart. date is late 1950's. She had very rakish lines, almost speedboat-like. Arromanches is moored to the right but look at the small motor boat. This was used to take a hawser from the ship that needed to swing, carry it across the river and attach it to a bollard. The...
  10. TS Lisieux

    Lisieux was the French partner of the Brighton, but somewhat more modern in appearance - a smaller version of the Cote D'Azur of the short sea routes
1-10 of 10 Results