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  1. Liverpool Pilot

    One of the Liverpool Pilot launches, Petrel, passing the Pier Head outward for the Bar
  2. Liverpool Pilot

    Liverpool Pilot Vessel inward at Brazil Buoy.
  3. Dunlin

    Liverpool Pilot Launch Dunlin passing Seaforth Dock outward bound to disembark pilots at Liverpool Bar
  4. Liverpool Pilot

    Liverpool Pilot boat approachimg Seacombe Landing Stage. 19.00 hours 7/4/10
  5. Liverpool Pilot

    Liverpool Pilot boat leaving Seacombe Landing Stage 7/4/10. I'm not too sure which one this is, AIS has her as unknown, Dunlin is in dock, and Petrel is at the Pier Head at this time, so I think this is the Puffin
  6. PV Dunlin

    Liverpool Pilot Boat Dunlin, outward from Liverpool, 13.35 Saturday 28/2/09
  7. Liverpool Pilot

    Oil painting of No 2 Pilot Cutter 'Edmund Gardner' and Brocklebank steamer completed some years ago.I now prefer to try and master watercolours.
  8. Liverpool pilot and Harpalyce

    still from a news reel about the shipping industry , in Liverpool early sixties
1-8 of 8 Results