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  1. Ship Research
    My grandfather and great uncle made several voyages aboard the Adda, Abosso, Accra and other ships operated by Elder Dempster Lines between about 1936 and 1956 between Liverpool and Takoradi in what is now Ghana and between Liverpool, UK and Lagos, Nigeria and Liverpool. Although the different...
  2. Scythia

    Fine color view of the old Scythia taken in the port of Liverpool in 1957, as the ship was nearing the end of her long career.
  3. The Norseman Club, Liverpool

    This former waterhole might be well known by a lot of you. It used to be 'The Norseman Club' at Regent Road in Liverpool. Not a lot to do at present day, it's more a ghosttown now. Anyway; Still Standing, with good memory's. All the best to everybody.
  4. Britannic

    Britannic in wartime guise as a troopship.
  5. mv Britannic

    White Star Line's Britannic at the Liverpool Landing Stage. Launched by Harland and Wolff in 1929 she was the penultimate ship to join White Star before the merger with Cunard.
  6. mv Britannic

    White Star Line's Britannic at the Liverpool Landing Stage. Launched by Harland and Wolff in 1929 she was the penultimate ship to join White Star before the merger with Cunard.
  7. Histories
    Hi I've been doing some local history research into various aspects of Crosby, Liverpool, and have been studying a tragic event when three young schoolboys drowned at Crosby beach on 17 July 1893. They'd gone on the beach at near to low tide, then got stranded on a sandbank, possibly caught in...
  8. Maritime Family History Research
    Hello All, I'm new to this site but I found you guys when researching a label on a steel travel trunk that my Great Granny used when moving from Pakistan to the UK in around 1951. The label shows she travelled on the Circassia from Karachi to Liverpool. She would have travelled with her...
  9. Ship Research
    Hello All - this is my first time posting here. I am hoping you can "steer me" in the right direction. I am looking for a list of the crew from the US based merchant ship, the Sue Lykes, from June-early Aug. 1954. In particular, I need the list showing crew names when they departed from either...
  10. Liverpool mk8

    Liverpool's mk8 4.5 gun now landed at Priddys Hard, Gosport.
  11. Poster for Liverpool

    Shame the content isn't 'actual' rather than artistic licence. Accompanying text as under. ~~~ A wonderful and evocative illustration on the cover of a Mersey Docks & Harbour Board, 1950s booklet showing Liverpool's docks in its traditional heyday. Ships at dock, tugs, cranes - railways...
  12. Maritime Family History Research
    Please see
  13. Wrecks
    Good evening, I've just found that my gt gt grandfather George Unwin of Liverpool (b1839 and a sailmaker) died in Montevideo after his ship Rotomahana caught fire and sank near Elephant Cay Rock in the Falklands on August 19 1884. Launched just three years previously, the Rotomahana was an...
  14. Ferry Across the Mersey

    Waiting for the ferry in April 2016. Still can't get my head around how much had changed since I attended the fireman's training school on Pier Head in 1965.
  15. Kathleen and May Schooner in Liverpool

    Topsail schooner I've featured elsewhere in the gallery when she was in Bideford. Ahh what were those silly people in Bideford thinking of letting this lovely little ship and its history depart their shores. Good on the Scousers for giving her a new home.
  16. Peary Spirit

    Spotted on River Mersey last summer
  17. Aquitania

    Aquitania rests in the Gladstone drydock in mid-May, 1914. The workers at the dock are in the process of laying out some of the ships collapsible lifeboats on the ground in front of the drydock. This was being done so the ship could pass her safety inspection by the Board of Trade, before the...
  18. Atlantic Sea

    There's a port of registry you don't often see these days
1-18 of 458 Results