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lloyd triestino
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    Lloyd Triestino's 27,888 ton GALILEO GALILEI of 1963, designed for service between Italy and Australia. 156 First Class/1,594 Tourist Class.

    Helouan departing from Brindisi.
  3. Anastasis ex. Victoria

    Former italian liner Victoria (1953) photographed in Stavanger in 1992 as Anastasis. One of the last liners to be seen posessing classic lines from the fifties.
  4. Nuova Lloydiana

    Maiden call of ship arriving in Botany Bay in the late evening light.
  5. Lloyd Triestino "Nipponica"

    Nipponica on charter for voyage to Australia.
  6. LLoyd Triestino

    Lloydiana departing Botany on her last voyage to Australia before the New Lloydiana came into service.
  7. Europa sailing from Durban

    Lloyd Triestino's Europa sailing from Durban
1-8 of 8 Results