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  1. The SS Europa (later SS Liberté)

    Post card from my mother's 1938 voyage to USA. Back Says: From Bremer[haven] to NY in 5 1/2 days. From Wikipedia: The SS Europa (later SS Liberté) was a 1929 German built ocean liner constructed for the Norddeutsche Lloyd line (NDL) to work the transatlantic sea route. She and her sister...
  2. Lloyd

    The Dutch m/v LLOYD, 68,6m/ 498gt/ 11kn; 03/1963 completed by Gebr. Van Diepen, Waterhuizen, for Kustvaartrederij m.s. Lloyd, Groningen (Kiel Enbartelds, Delfzijl); 1974 DUHBE, G&P Smeltekop & H.J. Engelsman, Groningen (Kantoor Wagenborg, Delfzijl); 1979 DENZO, Wageman Schhepvaar BV, Groningen...
1-2 of 2 Results