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  1. U.T.Co.

    Lloydsman. Engineer Dave Hoe and Captain Norman Storey. Who said oil and water don't mix
  2. Lloydsman

    United Towing (Ocean Tugs) Ltd.
  3. Lloydsman

    L to R ? John Davis, Dick I'Anson. ? Ernie glue-it Baker, Dave Bolton. Can any of you UTC lads name the other two. Lloydsman 1971. cheers Pete.
  4. Lloydsman

    Lloydsman just before her launch at the Rob Caledon shipyard in Leith. Feb. 17th 1971. She was launched by Lady Mance wife of the then chairman of Lloyd's Sir Henry Mance.
  5. Lloydsman

    One for Tom Bell Lloydsman and rig Ile de France arriving Dubai. Tow from Gabon West Africa 1974.
  6. Lloydsman

    Lloydsman approaching Englishman to take over her tow of the Anita Monti with Statesman. The fully loaded tanker was towed by Lloydsman and Statesman from Cape Town to Milazzo Sicly and later on to Genoa a distance of over 6,000 miles and, including some port delays took a total of 53 days.
  7. Lloydsman

    The new Lloydsman in K.G.DK. Hull 1971.
  8. Arrival Port Said with Jack Up

    The story that follows on from this peaceful scene is in Towing Experiences thread
1-8 of 9 Results