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  1. LNG Challenger - P&O Bulk Shipping Division

    1977. 2nd Mate, cargo Eng. and 2nd Eng.Anyone remember their names?
  2. LNG Challenger P&O BSD 1977

    Sonia the R/Os wife at the daft hat party Xmas 1977. Sorry Sonia but just had to post this one!
  3. LNG Challenger P&O BSD 1977

    Daft Hat party whilst at anchor off Barhain awaiting orders. Peter the C/O(a Brit who lived in Aussie) feeling a little dead in the head! Any one remember his Surname? The Oldman was Clive Walker, 2nd Eng Fred had his wife aboard, the R/O's name was Peter who also had his wife Sonia along, Ive...
  4. LNG Challenger P&O BSD

    Second Mate and your truly , I think this was new years eve with a daft hat party.Anyone recognize the 2/O? I think you've guessed by now I've a memory with about as much use as a chocolate fire guard!
  5. Boat Drill. LNG Challenger.

    Returning to the ship after a day out in the Gulf off Bahrein. 1978. Phil Browne 4th Eng. ROs wife at the helm, ROs Body in the foreground, John Cotteral 3rd Eng. Kevin Perry C/Off and me Electrician, enjoying a beer.
1-5 of 5 Results