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  1. Lochinvar

    CalMac's 2013 built diesel-electric/battery powered ferry Lochinvar approaching Tarbert (Loch Fyne) with the 12.45 sailing from Portavadie.
  2. Lochinvar

    CalMac's diesel-electric/battery powered ferry Lochinvar leaving Tarbert with the 10.15 sailing to Portavadie.

    David Macbrayne cargo vessel/ ferry built at Bowling in 1908 which served till 1960 when she was sold to Southend Excursions becoming ANZIO I and laid up in the Thames from 1964. She was then sold to Cromarty Cruises and tragically foundered on April 2nd 1966 only 500 yards from the shore during...
  4. R.M.S Lochinvar.

    Oban and Isle of Mull Mail Steamer.
1-4 of 4 Results