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  1. BISN Co CHILKA discharging in Sydney

    In 1956 the train lines from Sydney to the Blue Mountains, Katoomba and Lithgow were being electrified. The electric locomotives were built in the United Kingdom and shipped to Sydney. The photo shows the first of these locomotives being unloaded on 15th May 1956.
  2. New York, locomotive export

    The Beljeanne about to leave New York for China in 1947 with a load of locomotives. Beljeanne was at this time brand new, having been bought as Empire Ethelbert from the British government while under build by Vickers Armstrong in 46. The Belship Company at this time specialized in locomotive...
  3. Liverpool, locomotives

    The Christen Smith loading locomotives for Takoradi in Liverpool in 1951. The Belships fleet ordinarily had names that began with BEL..., but Christen Smith was the creator of the idea of specialized locomotive carriers.
1-3 of 3 Results