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  1. Logos

    Educational Books Organisation Built 1949, 2,319 gross tons IMO 5372745 1988 Ran aground and lost off Chile ex: Umanak - passenger vessel employed between Denmark & Greenland
  2. Logos

    Educational Books Exhibits Ltd At Shoreham harbour on, I believe, her only visit ex Umanak
  3. Logos

    Seen arriving at Singapore
  4. Logos

    I visited this interesting vessel in Dover c1981. She was a christian missionary with a very large selection of books, not all religious, that sought to encourage understanding between nations and races as well as disseminate the gospel by taking books to places that perhaps had never seen one...
  5. Logos

    Formerly named Umanak and employed on service from Denmark to Greenland. As Logos she provided access to religious books
  6. Logos 2 at Bridgetown, Barbados

    Taken August 7th 2004. Successor to Logos 1
1-6 of 6 Results