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  1. London Docks 1968

    I might be wrong, almost 50 years ago, I believe it was in London. A lot of engine mouvements to get to the dock. Also, I remember, that it was required by the galley staff to leave an area free on the stove for the various water kettles of the longshore men, for their tea. Being a young...
  2. M.V.Kindrence-London & Rochester Trading Co Ltd-Llanthony Wharf,Bakers

    General Cargo, Motor Vessel Kindrence, launched, as the General Cargo, Motor Vessel Bianca, Saturday, 19/08/1950, to Yard Number 210, by N.V. Scheepswerf 'Waterhuizen' J. Pattje, Waterhuizen, Netherlands, and completed and delivered, Tuesday, 24/10/1950, to Derk Schothorst and Ebbe Hylkema...
  3. M.B. Caption-O.No.304228-London and Rochester Trading Co Ltd-Faversham-1965

    IMO Number: 5402241; Official No.304228 General Cargo, Motor Barge Caption, launched, 1963, to yard number S.797, by Richard Dunston (Hessle) Limited, Hessle, and completed and delivered, Tuesday, 16/04/1963, to London and Rochester Trading Company Limited, Rochester, registered, Rochester...
  4. London

  5. Auxillary Spritsail Barge Thyra-London & Rochester at Hull-1960

    Spritsail and auxiliary engine, Sailing Barge Thyra, built and launched, Thursday, 18/12/1913, by Albert Alfred Hutson, Maidstone, for own account; Gross Registered Tonnage: 87.72; Net Registered Tonnage: 69.56; 25.97 x 6.00 x 2.01; retro-fitted, 1931, with 1 x 4 cylinder, 4-stroke, self-acting...

    EXNING IMO 6501874 1965 completed by Austin & Pickersgill, Sunderland for W.J.Tatem Ltd., London 10.596GRT, 16.000tdw, 9.600bhp G.Clarke &N.E.M./Sulzer 1972 cypr. MARYTONIA 1976 SWEDE TONIA 1981 UNILUCK 1984 broken up Alang Location, Hamburg, 1967, sorry it's a gloomy dark winter day.
  7. Mauretania

    The second Mauretania is seen steaming on the River Thames, as she approaches the King George V Drydock in London on the eve of the Second World War. She would get a new coat of wartime gray, and she took on an old World War I era gun on her stern. She would next head for New York to await her...
  8. HMS Belfast

    HMS Belfast, moored on the River Thames in London as a museum ship.
  9. HMS Belfast

    HMS Belfast, moored on the River Thames in London as a museum ship.
  10. HMS Belfast

    HMS Belfast, moored on the River Thames in London as a museum ship.
  11. HMS Belfast

    HMS Belfast, moored on the River Thames in London as a museum ship.
  12. HMS Belfast

    HMS Belfast, moored on the River Thames in London as a museum ship, and looking like an Airfix model when viewed from the top of The Shard.
  13. Viking Star

    The brand new Viking Line cruise ship, Viking Star on her 'maiden Call' at Greenwich, London. She was on her way to Bergen for her naming ceremony. While there has been a lot of hype regarding the ship I have to admit that, while it was a lovely day for taking photographs, she let me totally...
  14. London sunset as seen from Glenalmond

    Sunset at the Royal Docks, London, as seen from the Glen Line ship Glenalmond.
  15. Europa at Greenwich on 21 June 2008

    The most highly-rated cruise ship in the world, Europa. I took this photo just before I went on board for lunch. Yes, it was all very nice but I still preferred the 1953-built Europa ex Kungsholm. The photo was taken on mid-summers day but it looked and felt like winter!
  16. Royal Docks, London

    Flintshire entering the locks for the Royal Docks, London. I'm sure there will be someone wearing a bowler hat on the quay checking that we do it right! Radnorshire can be seen alongside inside the dock. The berth that she is on, I believe now is at the end of the City Airport runway.
  17. MV Baltrover

    The British cargo ship Baltrover seen here discharging in the port of London. Built in 1949 as Marstenen.
  18. London and Dragonfly

    Another image on the theme of Dragonfly helicopters embarked as 'test dummies' for blast effects of the then new Sea slug missile. here HMS London fires a Sea Slug Mk1 and again a surplus Dragonfly helo is used to practically measure the blast effects whilst secured on the flight deck. this is...
  19. Outside the IMO

    This is not really a monument, although it would make a fantastic one. It is outside the IMO building in London
1-20 of 96 Results