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  1. Londres

    British Railways Alongside the repair berth at Newhaven in the mid 1950's. Ahead of her lies the tug Foremost 22
  2. Londres

    Lying at the stand-by berth on the East Quay at Newhaven in 1959
  3. Londres

    British Railways A particularly fine aerial shot of the Newhaven - Dieppe steamer
  4. Londres

    British Railways Built originally for SNCF for the Dieppe to Newhaven service the Londres was subsequently transferred to British Railways She is seen here laying at the East Quay during a period of maintenance
  5. Londres

    The British Railways Newhaven - Dieppe steamer arriving at Newhaven in the 1960's
  6. Londres

    At the lay up berth, Newhaven in the mid 1950's
  7. Londres

    Built originally for the SNCF, hence her French name, the British Railways steamer is seen here at speed en route for Dieppe from Newhaven
  8. Londres

    This is an early hand tinted post war photo of the Newhaven - Dieppe steamer when she was still serving under the French flag.
  9. Londres enters Newhaven

    The turbine steamer Londres (1947) enters Newhaven in the very early 1960's. From L-R we see the tug Meeching (1960) and one of her usual mudbarges, the dredger Testside (that filled it with mud!), the larger, self-propelled bucket dredger Foremost Prince, RMS Brighton (1950), the Londres and...
  10. Londres under tow

    The Newhaven/Dieppe steamer Londres (1947) under tow by the Meeching from Newhaven to Southampton in 1964, having been sold to Greek owners.
  11. Londres

    STS Londres leaving Dieppe bound for Newhaven
1-11 of 11 Results