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  1. RMAS Roysterer

    Roysterer on looe boating lake
  2. Joanna

    NN137 Joanna in Novenber 2005 - berthed in East Looe, by the fish market. Built in 1989 (GBR) - 13.98 metres overall length. Click HERE to enter the market.
  3. Joanna

    Joanna in Looe, November 2005
  4. Joanna

    NN137 Joanne in East Looe, November 2005. Built in 1989 (GBR) - 13.98 metres overall length.
  5. Our Boys

    Our Boys in East Looe, September 1966
  6. Our Daddy

    Our Daddy and Guide Me (Fowey) in East Looe, Spetember 1966
  7. Arrant FY814

    Steel under 10m Gardner 6LXB
  8. Odella the ex Ella FY24

    Bill Hockings old tralwer now converted for private use
  9. Natalie FY602

    This is the second Natalie She is a Cygnus GM38 built as a replacement for Bill & Robert Hosking Identical to the one they lost
  10. Gerry Ann TH169

    Prior to her shelter and wheelhouse conversion
  11. Danvic FY444

    Wooden Toms built trawler, hit by a coaster eventually and sank, no lives lost luckily
  12. Pheonix FY804

    Another with a bow to die for, not!! got to love the under 10m rule Don't know her history but she had a name change a few years back, looks like a Toms build. Over to you Martin
1-12 of 12 Results