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    H.M.S. Lucia was the German merchant SPREEWALD, captured in September 1914 and converted to a depot ship for use in the Royal Navy. Pennant: F 27 Built by: Richardson Westgarth (Furness, U.K.) Launched 21 Nov 1907 Service: Lucia completed conversion to a depot ship in August, 1916. She...
  2. Doing what?

    Oh, the text is quite clear, you can read it on top of the photo, or here: Covering buoyancy boxes, deck of Lucia. And yes, all ships need a bit of buoyancy, but still: there is some added explanation possible here. Picture taken before 1931, probably in the US, not unlikely in NY.
  3. Lucia

    Panamanian tanker "Lucia" anchored off Brunsbuttle. Built in 1945 by Gotaverken as the "Balaklava" she became the "Jalinga" in 1954, "Enterprise" in 1961 and "Lucia" in 1966 but was broken up in Spain the same year.
1-3 of 3 Results