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  1. Lykes Lines

    American cargo - Foreign Waters A Lykes Line's cargo vessel discharging in the Far East. Watercolour 21in x 13in on paper. Tony Westmore
  2. Lykes Lines

    One of the Company LASH vessels. Name indistinguishable. Possibly one of: Almeria Lykes, Doctor Lykes or Tillie Lykes
  3. Lykes Lines

    A classic profile awaiting transit through the Panama Canal, Cristobal.
  4. Stella Lykes

    The Stella Lykes was discovered early one morning in 1990 berthed at Walvis Bay, Namibia. Carrying a cargo of bagged grain. Extremely unfriendly crew on board and no chance of a good look around was permitted
  5. James Lykes

    James Lykes was another of the regular Lykes Lines callers in South Africa
  6. Jean Lykes

    Another regular caller in South Africa was the Jean Lykes
  7. Louise Lykes

    Louise Lykes sailing from Durban
1-7 of 7 Results