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  1. Mabel Warwick

    Seen at Tyne Dock BISC Quay Houlder Bros Mabel Warwick is discharging 18 October 1966. Built 1960 she was 11,632 gr tons.
  2. Mabel Warwick

    Mabel Warwick at Centenniel Pier, Vancouver. June 1967 unloading pipe for the Canadian oilfield, from West Hartlepool.
  3. mabel warwick

    some crew members on the mabel warwick, segunto, spain, 1972
  4. mabel warwick, bay of biscay

    frank and frank washing down, somewhere in the bay of biscay, winter, 1972
  5. mabel warwick, segunto, spain

    mabel warwick loading iron ore, segunto spain, 1972
  6. Mabel Warwick, Sagunto, Spain

    Mabel Warwick, loading iron ore, Sagunto, Spain, 1972
  7. Mabel Warwick

    Mabel Warwick unloading steel, Genoa, winter 1972
1-7 of 7 Results