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  1. Macduff

    Busy yard on a beautiful day.
  2. `Broken boats` in background. Macduff.

    A couple of `Broken boats` in the background in outskirts of Macduff. Recycled wood perhaps :o) Big money in `recycled wood or is that floorboards :o)
  3. FD357 - Susan Bird and Lady Jean :o)

    Another `little teaser` for ye all :o) ......I wonder who is gonna get one or them both right ?? :o) :o)
  4. Macduff

    seen in Macduff harbour as dated
  5. Macduff

    seen in Macduff as dated,, the gossip on the quay was that 2 of these where towed over from Portugal and the 2 became this 1
  6. Macduff

    seen in Macduff as dated
  7. High and Dry

    seen in Macduff as dated
  8. boy ian

  9. few boats lieing in!

  10. discovery

  11. prospect

  12. Argent BF130 , Havilah BF161 , Silver Harvest BCK103

    bck 130 ???= havilan and silver ???
  13. Deliverance FR 254

    Seems like she have met something huge and wet..! Seen in Macduff the 22nd April.
  14. FR 349 "Ocean Way"

    By the size of the cut out, it seems like the "Ocean Way" change engine on the slip in Macduff. By study of the weldings in the plates in the same area, it seems like they have done this procedure before..
  15. DS 8 "Sylvia Bowers"

    On sunday the 22nd April "Sylvia Bowers" was moored in Macduff. Seems like she hasn't started fishing yet ?
  16. Macduff Fish Market

    The old Macduff fish market taken in the late 50's
  17. The Good Old Days at Macduff

    Taken in the 1960's when every Port along the Moray Firth had its own fishing fleet and Fish Market.
1-18 of 18 Results