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  1. MACHAON (2)

    Blue Funnel, built 1920, scrapped 1951, GRT 7,806.
  2. Looks nice from here!

    Took this picture from Machaon while tied up offshore for bunkers. As supernumary returning home after 12 months away, I took the agents offer for a ride ashore with one of the off-watch engineers. We took a very quick look round and speedily returned to the haven of the ship.
  3. Main switchboard

    Probably one of the last D.C.switch boards installed on a UK Merchant Ship. Not long after these ships were built, the industry moved over to prdominantly A.C. electrics.
  4. Engine control station

    Was taking some pictures on board and using up some 35mm film homeward bound so decided to go down the pit while it was cooler and we were at anchor. (Hence all guages at zero)
  5. Aden

    Taken prior to leaving Aden.
  6. Blue Funnel

    North bound, entering the canal.
  7. Passage Tickets 1966

    Birkenhead to Singapore return for £379 in 1966. That's equivalent to paying about £4900 today. Enough for a couple of decent cruises to the Far East I would say - but would they be as interesting as a trip on the MACHAON or the DENBIGHSHIRE?
1-9 of 9 Results