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  1. Maersk Champion

    Model of Maersk Champion : Scale : 1/300 made by oldest brother Charlie Reid. Bosun on the Talisker.
  2. Maersk Champion

    Maersk Champion.......not in Aberdeen !! I wonder where this port is.....Norway ?? Stavanger says ; ``feistein``..good enough for me ....Tak :o)
  3. Maersk Champion

    Back in the briny at Las Palmas on 17/11/2005 after repairs completed.
  4. Maersk Champion

    Starboard shaft & prop unit being replaced- almost there.. Astican,Las Palmas 11/11/2005.
  5. Maersk Champion

    Starboard shaft & prop unit being replaced at Astican, Las Palmas on 11/11/2005.
  6. Maersk Champion

    On the synchrolift at " Astican", Las Palmas for general repairs and shaft overhauls on 11/11/2005. Built 1986. 2,887 g.t. by Ørskov Christensen,Frederikshavn.(100090).
1-6 of 6 Results