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  1. Histories
    Hi, I'm trying to get a sense of the approach to Buenos Aires docks in a Royal Mail Steam Packet liner such as RMS Magdalena (5372 GRT) in 1905. Would the master take on a pilot - if so, how early? Presumably he'd need two or three tugs too? How did the tugs and bridge signal to each other...
  2. Magdalena

    Heading up the River Neath to Briton Ferry. Built 1990 in Holland.

    Another to add to the many of this unfortunate liner. A mid accommodation detail and funnel.
  4. Magdalena, Hobart

    Fyffes Magdalena in Hobart, Tasmania on maiden voyage early 1973.
  5. Magdalena

    LPG tanker at Fawley on 29th June 2013
  6. Magdalena , christmas 1981

    myself , eddie Bennett , fridge eng /Johnstone and phil Harmer ,2nd eng / Hull. on Fyffes Magdalena ,christmas day 1981 off L.A.
  7. Splendid Ship MAGDALENA

    As it's the 60th anniversary of her maiden voyage, this from an old SEA BREEZES in the Splendid Ships series.
  8. MAGDALENA's trials-the classic shot

    She ran her trials on the Clyde in February 1949 and this is the shot I've had for years and years of her with the snow covered Arran hills as a spectacular backdrop.
  9. MAGDALENA's trials

    Another view of her at rest during her trials.
  10. Loading in London

    MAGDALENA loading in the Royal Docks in London for her maiden voyage. This was to be a great day as this was Royal Mail's first post war ship signifying their return to normality after a horrendous 6 years.

    A rather sad picture of the after part of the Royal Mail liner following her grounding and breaking off the South American coast on her maiden voyage in 1949. I can't remember offhand all the cir***stances. Found this in the depths of the hard drive-the report into the grounding...
  12. Magdalena

    Magdalena 1928 9779t ?? builder Schicham/Danzig 1934 Lg to 148.1 1934 Iberia 1946 Pobeda broken up gadai beach 1978
1-12 of 12 Results