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    SS Maheno was an ocean liner belonging to the Union Company of New Zealand that operated in the Tasman Sea, crossing between New Zealand and Australia, from 1905 until 1935. She was also used as a hospital ship by the New Zealand Naval Forces during World War I. She was washed ashore on Fraser...
  2. Kula

    Sailing ship after World War II at Croatia
  3. Wreck of the Maheno

    Maheno as she now rests on the 75 Mile Beach of Fraser Island, Australia. April 18, 2010 See:
  4. ss MAHENO

    ss Maheno as she was last year - on the beach at Fraser Island. where she has been since 1935. Built 1905 in Scotland for trans-Tasman passenger service. Served as a hospital ship in WW1. In 1935, under tow from Melbourne to Japan for scrap, she was caught in a cyclone, broke tow and went...
  5. maheno

    ussco new turbine maheno 5500tons nz

    A view of the Union Steam Ship Company's roro's MAHENO in the foreground and the WANAKA at Wellington in 1970. The MAHENO was employed on the Trans - Tasman service and the WANAKA on the coastal service.
  7. Maheno

    5282 ton triple screw turbine steamer built by Denny et Brothers in Dumbarton, Scotland in 1905 for the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand. She was was converted to a hospital ship During World War I. The Maheno was taken out of service in 1935 and sold for scrap metal to a Japanese firm...
  8. Maheno

    Maheno 1905 5285t built by Denny W. Dumbarton for U.S.S.Co N.Z. wrecked Fraiser Is. Queensland while on tow 1935
1-8 of 9 Results