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  1. Mahout

    Brocklebank Line Built 1925 At Middlesbrough in September 1960
  2. Mahout

    Brocklebank Lines Mahout is in London's Royal Albert Dock 1965. Built by Alexander Stephen & Sons at Linthouse in 1963 she was 9,153 gr tons.
  3. Mahout

    At Glasgow.

    an early photograph of the 1963 built MAHOUT, seen off Birkenhead
  5. Mahout

    The "Mahout" arriving at Calcutta.
  6. A Stripped Bass / Mahout

    Fall 2005 on my Mahout fishing in Mennans Cove ; Kennebecassis Rothesay New Brunswick . Retired at last ! The skipper thing is easy except for docking when bridge control sticks and I think I am disengaged ! Tends to hit the Dock a wee bit ; must get round to fixing that before 2006 season .
  7. Key of the Door

    Commemorative 21st Birthday Key, Mahout 1969, by Dennis Taggart, Chippy, to Senior Deck Apprentice, signed by various... How many names do you recognise?
  8. Mahout, Summer 1969

    Cape Town to Savannah, 2nd Liner Change at Sea. 2/0 Jan Rietdyk, checking up on dhobi of Ch. Elec 'Ian', and 4/O. We did another one after that, but another story....
1-8 of 8 Results