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  1. Mahseer


    Brocklebank Line - At Avonmouth in April 1974
  2. s/s Mahseer

    s/s Mahseer

    s/s 'Mahseer' of Thos & Jno Brocklebank, Liverpool Built 1948 Wm Hamilton & Co, Port Glasgow of 8,945 grt. In 1968 transferred to Cunard-Brocklebank Broken up at Gadani Beach in 1975. Sisters 'Matra' of 1949 and 'Manaar' of 1950. Seen here homeward bound to Liverpool from U.S. Gulf ports i


    MAHSEER - white band painted out - is seen arriving at Newport on 8th September 1973 She had been diverted at short notice to Newport due to port congestion at Avonmouth
  4. Mahseer


    Brocklebank's Mahseer.
  5. SS Mahseer

    SS Mahseer

    Brocklebank's SS Mahseer in the Seychelles, 1965.
  6. Mahseer Officers

    Mahseer Officers

    5/E Gerry .....??, 2 R/O John McGinty, and ?/E Frank Clay. SS Mahseer 1963
  7. When Day Is Done

    When Day Is Done

    5/E, (I don't ecall his name), D/App Howard Carter, and D/App Bryce Walker catching a few rays after a hard day on board SS Mahseer.
  8. Mahseer Maiden Voyage

    Mahseer Maiden Voyage

    Taken in the Cape Cod Canal 1948 I believe this was on her maiden voyage, but stand to be corrected if superior knowledge knows different. Unknown photographer but he did her justice a great shot of a lovely ship.