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    Garnet at Singapore 31/10/1979. Built 1968 as Maihar for Brocklebank.

    Maihar in New Waterway 13/8/1975.
  3. Maihar

    c/e, 2nd stwd and myself Brocklebanks Maihar 1976 enjoying one of the chiefs beers
  4. Brocklebank Photo's

    Yours truly and some of crew off Jeddah May 9th 1956, Maihar,ships lifeboat.Can't remember names? Mike
  5. Maihar

    Everything pristine iand spotless n black & white coming thro' Med homeward at end of first voyage after big refit.
  6. Maihar

    Foredeck coming up Red Sea No starved ribs welding here, rivet heads you could trip over!
  7. Maihar painting

    One I painted earlier.Believe it or not the funnel height is in proportion! At 10.5 knots there was no point in making a big bow wave
  8. Maihar

    Maihar arriving at Garden Reach, Calcutta in 1958. Built 1917, 8071 GRT. sold 1961 r/n Capella-62 Scrapped
1-8 of 8 Results