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  1. Malakand

    Brocklebank Line Malakand at Cyprus 1956

    MALAKAND is seen passing Portishead, outbound from Avonmouth, on 31st July 1966. She arrived at Kaohsiung on 13.12.66 to be broken up.
  3. Temple of the Tooth, Kandy, Ceylon

    Temple of the Tooth, Kandy, Ceylon, taken during a visit up-country with other members of Malakand's crew in 1964.
  4. Malakand - Fire in the Hold

    Malakand at Port Sulphur. March 61 View of Number 3 hold with a sulphur fire in progress. Seem to be a fairly normal occurance and we had several, all put by the longshore men with water and without stopping the loading. In shot are the Mate, 3rd Mate and Chippy. Skipper was JP...
  5. Beer Time SS Malakand

    Beer time on board Brocklebank's SS Malakand, Calcutta, 1964. L-R: 2/O Colin Kingston (back to camera), 3/O, 2 R/O John McGinty, Chippy Dave Brewer, P/CS George Godfrey.
  6. After Swim SS Malakand 1964

    After swim on board Brocklebank's SS Malakand, 1964. L-R: ?/E, 3/O, ?/E "Tiger" Rawes, D/App?
  7. Malakand Turtle

    One of two turtles presented to Brocklebank's SS Malakand during stop in the Maldives, 1964. They were kept in the swimming pool for a couple of days and released soon after we sailed.
  8. Malakand Fiver 64/65

    Brocklebank's SS Malakand 5/E, Roy Doke, doing some running repairs. We all had boiler suits made by the Calcutta tailors in different coloured checked materials. Each "party boily" had six pockets, strategically sized and located to take six cans of Tennents along with a small breast pocket...
  9. Malakand

    at Tampa Fl loading Orange Juice for London. 28 March 1961
1-9 of 9 Results