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  1. ?

    Taken at Valletta in April 2006. She appearsto be a Middle Eastern fishing vessel of some sort - anybody?
  2. IMO8119039

    Taken at Valletta in April 2006. I assume that she is some kind of Russian Survey Ship but can not find any details from her IMO number - anybody?
  3. Challenger

    Taken at Valletta in April - unfortunately the cruise boat turned away and I was unable to get a shot of the funnel or read the registration details.
  4. Shogun

    At Valletta 2006. Oil/chemical tanker owned by Mediterranea di Navigazione (Italy).
  5. ?

    At Valletta - April 2006.
  6. ?

    At Valletta - April 2006. They look like old pilot cutters to me - can anybody identify?
  7. CMA CGM Voltaire

    Leaving the Malta Freeport at Marsoxlokk - April 2006.
  8. Saga Rose

    At Valletta - April 2006
  9. What is/was it?

    Moored in a derilect state at Sliema, Malta. The superstructure aft has been retro-fitted so as to enable it's use as a harbour/coastal cruise boat. To my untrained eye it looks like an ex. tug or tender. There was no IMO number on it to enable identification.
  10. Rosaria Tuna

    At Marsoxlokk, Malta - April 2006. Original overpainted name just above her name reads 'Boston Sea Knight'.
  11. Rosaria Tuna

    At Marsoxlokk, Malta April 2006. Overpainted name on bows reads 'Boston Sea Knight' - see other photograph.
  12. Fairmount Fjord

    'Semi-submersible barge' awaiting conversion to a 'Self-propelled heavy transport vessel' at Valletta Shipyard - April 2006. For info see:,service,0,tradepressrelease,2005102947325610,340697512418069000,,.htm
  13. Ramla Bay/Golden Bay

    AHT Ramla Bay with Bunkering Tanker Golden Bay alongside at Valletta - April 2006
  14. Ramla Bay

    Anchor Handling Tug at Valletta - April 2006. For history see:
  15. Santa Elena

    Arriving unladen at Valletta from Marsoxlokk - see the other photograph/description of her.
  16. Santa Elena

    Coastal tanker/bunkerer leaving Valletta for the short trip to Marsaxlokk. I initially thought that they loaded at Marsaxlokk and bunkered ships in Valletta as I have seen them alongside the Cruise Ships. But she appears semi-laden here, and I have another photograph of her returning unladen. So...
  17. Anchor Bay

    Over-painted funnel markings - see other photograph/description of her.
  18. Anchor Bay

    Alongside the Costa Classica at Valletta - April 2006. According to the over-painted funnel markings she is ex.P&O - see other photograph of her.
  19. Grasmere Maersk

    In dry dock at Valletta - April 2006. Nice to see the 'Red Duster'.
1-19 of 19 Results