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  1. Malta

  2. Malta

  3. Malta

  4. Malta

  5. Malta

    Grand Harbour
  6. Heavyweights in Malta

    Perhaps someone can ID them accurately.
  7. Malta port

    Malta WW2 Monument
  8. MALTA

    Photographer Horatio Agius.

    Photographer: Horatio Agius, 1880 - 1910.
  10. Malta

    The Indian ship RIN DELHI, formerly HMS ACHILLES, leading HMS BERMUDA and HMS THESEUS out of Grand Harbour.
  11. Grand Harbour at night

    Ships of the Home and Mediterranean Fleets floodlit in Grand Harbour following Combined Fleet exercises. The ships include HMY BRITANNIA (bottom left), with HMS TYNE the flagship of the Home Fleet astern, and the cruiser HMS SHEFFIELD, Daring class destroyer DECOY with cruiser GLASGOW and...
  12. Grand Harbour

    Ships of the combined Mediteranean and Home Fleets in Malta.
  13. RAF (Not RN) RTTL Launches in Malta

    I was stationed in Malta for 2 years 72-74 working in the Communication Centre at the airfield. Knocked around a lot with the Marine Craft blokes one of which, Mitch Hankin, sent me this photo. I have his permission to reproduce it but always give credit to the owner. RTTL - Rescue and Target...

    ALBISTAN and YELKENCI (ex.EMPIRE CAMP)bt at Short Bros. Sunderland
  15. Launch at Malta

    Lying in a yard at Marsaxlokk.
  16. Paceville marina, new construction

    The side of the marina opposite to my previous post.
  17. Towards mouth of Marsamxett Harbour

    From a slide shot from Grand Harbour excursion boat.
  18. Marina, Paceville, Malta

    Newly completed in 2001, construction-work continuing on right-hand side.
  19. Maritime Museum, Malta

    Formerly the RN bakery, Vittoriosa, Malta
  20. Former RN Hospital Bighi, Malta

    From a slide shot May 2001. I believe the tower-like strucure on the right contained a lift, for bringing in patients arriving by boat
1-20 of 64 Results