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  1. S.S. Malwa

    The P&O Malwa "off Colombo" The stamp franking is difficult to read but could be 9th April 1917
  2. Malwa

    Trident Tanker's "Malwa" anchored in the Bonny River. Completed by Vickers-Armstrong in 1961 for Charter Shipping she transferred to Trident Tankers in 1963 and spent all her life in the P&O Group before arriving at Kaohsiung in 1976 to be broken up. A good-looking ship she was 39,233 dwt and...
  3. MALWA

    On trials,built by Vickers Armstrongs 1961 Barrow ,for Charter Shipping Co Ltd Bermuda-24,500 g.t.37,000 d.w.690ft l.o.a. X90,42 ft-2 grd turbs by the Shipbuilders 16000 s.h.p. 16 knots.
1-3 of 3 Results