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  1. Manaar

    Brocklebank Line Manaar is outward bound at Gravesend in 1970. As she waits for the river pilot to disembark to the Sun XX the sea pilots' cutter is already heading back to the pier. Built 1950 the Manaar was 8,996 gr tons. Great ships Brocks with loads of character.
  2. Manaar

    Off to the mysterious East, Brocklebank Lines Manaar passes Gravesend outward bound. Built 1950 she was 8,996 gr tons, a real business like vessel and a familiar feature on The Thames.
  3. Manaar

    The British cargo liner MANAAR, 155m/ 8.970gt/ 15kn; 10/1950 completed by William Hamilton & Co., Port Glasgow, for Thos. & Jno. Brocklebank, Ltd, Liverpool; 01/01/1968 transferred to Cunard Brocklebank; 27/07/1971 arrived Kaohsiung for breaking up by Han Tai Iron & Steel Co. Seen in the...
  4. Manaar

    The "Manaar", ex "Port Chalmers" on an evening sailing from Bluff, I think her last from this port.
  5. Pilot Boarding Manaar

    Taken on T and J Brocklebanks Manaar some time in the first half of 1966. I cannot now remember which port we were approaching but from recollection the welcoming committee was always very much the same in terms of numbers. I always found the pilots arrival exciting as it meant the prospect...
  6. Manaar winch

    Taken in 1965. This may appeal to very few members but originally the image included one of the ships deck cadets. Can you spot where they stood?
1-6 of 6 Results