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manchester ship canal
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  1. Stolt Seagull

    Approaching Eastham locks in the MSC .. outward bound from Stanlow
  2. 60t Crane

    60t Crane unloading Contractors Equipment on to the river bank, this to build a new tidal screen at Weaver Sluices on the Manchester Ship Canal, the two tugs are MSC Mallard, MSC Merlin.
  3. Thorngarth

    Easing a tanker into the 80ft lock.
  4. Manchester Concorde

    Concorde waiting for tugs at Runcorn.
  5. Manchester Ship Canal Tugs

    Two V class tugs leaving Latchford head up to Manchester.
  6. Happy Pioneer

    Loading/unloading heavy lift.
  7. Eastham Locks

    Lots to see, bottom R, Pelican Crane, spare lock gates, Traffic Tugs, Dredger, Tug and barge just left dredger, Shell tank on Crane Berth, De-masting Crane, 65' lock ready for coaster going wrong way. Tug Job just behind.
  8. Manchester Progress

    Tug Job just passed through the Bottle Neck at Ince
  9. Manchester Docks

    The post card says New Dock, this might be 9 Dock.
  10. MSC Victory/LINGUIST.

    Victory following tug job about to go under the Rail and Road bridge.
1-20 of 500 Results