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  1. Ship Research
    Hello All - this is my first time posting here. I am hoping you can "steer me" in the right direction. I am looking for a list of the crew from the US based merchant ship, the Sue Lykes, from June-early Aug. 1954. In particular, I need the list showing crew names when they departed from either...
  2. MV Indiga-(6519352)-(Northern Shipping Company, Archangel) at No.8 Dock (M.

    General Cargo Motor Vessel Indiga, keel laid, Tuesday, 01/09/1964, launched, Wednesday, 14/04/1965, to yard number 231, by Valmet Telakka, Helsinki, Finland, and completed and delivered, Wednesday, 25/08/1965, to Severnoje Morskoje Parochodstvo (SMP), Archangel, [Northern Shipping Company...
  3. HMS Manchester

    happier times, HMS Manchester coming alongside to RAS with us, somewhere in the Pacific during Global 86.
  4. Manchester Ship Canal

    Tugs moored in the Canal waiting for a job.
  5. Manchester

    HMS Manchester arriving at County Wharf Falmouth
  6. Manchester 86

    Manchester in her heyday, coming alongside Fort Grange for RAS somewhere in the Pacific during Global 86.

    Portsmouth 7 February 2010, with HMS Ark Royal and HMS Manchester.
  8. HMS Manchester

    HMS Manchester in the Pacific during Global 86
  9. Italia

    MS Italia of Home Lines (ex Kungsholm) seen in the English Channel after 1958, when she was put into Canada Service (shortened masts).
  10. Manchester

    A four-masted steel barque built in 1892 by W. Doxford and Sons, Sunderland. (95,31x14,04x7,82 meters) (3046 GRT / 2851 NRT) Rigged with royal sails over double top and topgallant sails. March 1892 Launched for J. Joyce and Co., Liverpool. Sept. 1900 Foundered on voyage from New York to Yokohama
  11. Manchester

    Manchester in 1922 or earlier. The ship's masts looks to have been shortened, and then there's been erected a thin pole on top of one forward, on which there is a flag hanging at half mast. The red duster aft repeats this. (Or so it looks to me).
  12. Manchester

    Manchester prior to WW 2. Left is Banffshire, right is Pacific Exporter
  13. Turning Basin @ Manchester

    A 1966 photo of the turning basin at Manchester
  14. Manchester Drydocks

    I took this pic in 1966 when on an Ore carrier. We had discharged at Irlam and went up the canal to turn around. I remember that the Greek vessel at right had an Alsation dog on the bridge that patroled the bridge as if "on watch" looking over the dodgers regularly. A year or so later I heard...
  15. Clan MacIlwraith at Manchester

    This was taken at Manchester in 1966. Can anyone identify the tug in the left foreground?
  16. HMS Manchester

    From RFA Grey Rover July 1984
  17. Manchester Ship Canal

    join the merch and see all the exotic ports, if you break down here at least the natives speak some form of english
1-19 of 20 Results