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  1. Mangelia

    Lightening in Lyme Bay, Drupa or Darina Cape Town helicopter again
  2. Mangelia - Belfast Drydock 1970

    We were on the same run as the Marpessa & Mactra who both blew up whilst tank cleaning. We discharged Lyme Bay and Thameshaven and proceeded to Belfast for inspections and gas freeing etc. Some guys from Thornton Research sailed south with us to carry out tests on the Gunclean TC system...
  3. Mangelia - Cape Town Helicopter

    Mangelia off Cape Town 1969/70, receiving the stores, mail and Walport Films, certainly better than at Mina, see earlier pic.
  4. Mangelia-2

    First trip Oct69-May70, junior R/O, seniors where Shaun Bonner and Dave Moss another pic I bought from Skyphotos
  5. Mangelia Radioroom

    First trip 'baby sparks' some baby eh, I didn't pose
  6. Mangelia-Japan

    I think I took this in the Inland Sea, not sure now, I was on the Mountpark at the time so am assuming it was there 1973. It was my first ship 'big boating' as we say in Fleetwood.
1-6 of 6 Results