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  1. Philippines

    The former Italia liner Augustus did not have long at her Manila berth after I saw her. How lucky I was to have managed to have seen her and spend some time aboard her. It is a great sadness that after so many years in a static role she could not be spared from the scrap yards.
  2. Flintshire at Manila

    Flintshire discharging at Manila, Philippines.
  3. Manila, 1944

    Japanese shipping under attack in Manila Harbor, around November, 1944. Photographed from a strike aircraft from USS Hornet (CV-12).

    I apologize about the quality. Taken in Manila Bay, early December, 1979. I was onboard the MONTANA (a sister ship) under arrest and at anchorage. States Lines was bankrupt, and allotment checks were bouncing. Lots of crew members with familes were not having a very merry holiday time.
  5. Manila Girls

    Iron Yampi 1972
1-6 of 6 Results