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  1. Mano

    Elder Dempster Lines Mano is seen in London's Royal Albert Dock in 1973. Dating from 1957 and 8,216 gr tons she is better remembered as Blue Funnel's Menelaus.
  2. Mano

    MANO 1957 8216 tgr Guinea Gulf Line part of Elder Dempster ex Menelaus. 72 taken at 31 quay 18-6-76
  3. Mano

    I noticed the previous photograph I posted of Mano recently reappeared through a fellow member. I don't have a problem with that, it was a genuine error I am sure and it is rather a compliment that he thought it worth posting. Thanks Duncan. That photo of Mano seems to have been removed so...
  4. Mano

    Guinea Gulf Line's "Mano" at Lagos in Nigerian National Line colours. One of Elder Dempster's six 'S' class she began life in 1948 as "Sulima". Transferred to Guinea Gulf in 1965 and renamed "Mano"; sold 1967 renamed "Anna F" and was wrecked near Klapeida on 4 December 1973 after tow parted en...
  5. Mano

    Guinea Gulf Line's "Mano" at Tilbury with the tug "Sun XX" in the foreground. One of Elder Dempster's 6 'S' class the "Mano" was completed by Scotts as "Sulima" in 1948. 4,810 grt, 408'00" x 57'02" x 22'04.25"draught. 4 cylinder Doxford, 3,100 bhp, 12 knots. 1965 to Guinea Gulk, renamed...
  6. West Africa, here we come!

    M.V. Mano (ex-Menelaus), (Elder Dempster) outbound for West Africa, September '73
  7. MV Mano (Elder Dempster)

    Taken during my first trip to sea, as Midshipman in October 1973. Not sure of the location, but either Freetown or Lagos (Apapa).
1-7 of 7 Results