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  1. Manzanares_Panama Canal1974.jpg

    On the Bridge of the Fyffes Reefer MANZANARES, somewhere in transit on the Panama Canal. Ricky Baird (Marconi R/O) with Dick Atkin (Fyffes Deck Cadet). Both young 21-yo at the time! (Photo by courtesy of Dick Atkin).
  2. Xmas'74 Fyffes_Manzanares.jpg

    Front L~R: Jimmy Bell (Purser), next to his son. Middle: with Moustache ~ Keth Finney (3rd Mate) Back Row L-R: 1. Ships Agent 2. Mrs Hodges (Capts' Wife) 3. Capt. Brian Hodges 4: ??? 5. Ricky Baird (R/O ~Marconi) ......Photo courtesy of Dick Atkin.
  3. Christmas 1974 - Manzanares

    A seasonal photo. This was taken in the bar on Fyffes Manzanares Front row L to R 1 -Purser - I think his surname was Bell, 2 - His son is next to him. In the middle with the moustache is Keith Finney - 3rd Mate Back row L to R 1- Shore Agent, 2 - Mrs Hodges (Captains wife), 3 - Capt Hodge

    Sorry no info only she is a fruit boat Berthed at Barry docks
1-4 of 4 Results