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  1. Looking for Old Shipmates
    In preparation for the 50th anniversary (June) of the sinking of MV Maranui, I would like to hear from any crew who were aboard for that trip. Thank you, Neil Sanderson, Editor,
  2. The Radio Room
    Greetings: I wonder if anyone here remembers, or is able to look up, the callsign of NZ-registered MV Maranui for me. She was launched in 1953 and sank in 1968. She had the same owners (Northern Steam Ship Company) and same name for her entire career...
  3. Maranui

    Maranui outward bound, Otago Harbour. One of the many fine Dutch-built coasters that were built for NZ coastal companies. 1968 was a bad year for NZ ships. We lost the Wahine in April in a cyclone, and the Maranui in a storm in June, when her cargo of wheat shifted. Maranui Built: 1953...
  4. Maranui

    It is forty years and four days since the Maranui sank on 13 June 1968 with the loss of nine lives. Seen here sailing from Lyttelton she was bound from that port for Auckland with a cargo of wheat in bulk which shifted in heavy weather. The six survivors were rescued by the Swedish vessel...
1-4 of 4 Results