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  1. Anvil Point and Eddystone

    Anvil Point and Eddystone

    Anvil Point and Eddystone alongside in Southampton
  2. Aachen at Marchwood

    Aachen at Marchwood

    Aachen on hard at Marchwood (?) with I think, an army tug in attendance.
  3. Wreath laying at Marchwood

    Wreath laying at Marchwood

    Officers of the RFA and RFAA laying wreaths at the RFA Sir Galahad Memorial, Marchwood. Nonember 12th 2006
  4. Southampton Container Terminal

    Southampton Container Terminal

    Two for the price of one with APL India and Autotransporter photographed in August 2005 from Marchwood. OK hands up Autotransporter is not a container ship. She happened to be in the foreground when I took the photograph!