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  1. Marco Polo at Gibraltar

    The much-loved cruise ship Marco Polo at Gibraltar.
  2. Marco Polo

    Marco Polo - outbound from Belfast. putting on a turn of speed. heading for Canada
  3. Marco Polo

    The Fitness Suite
  4. Marco Polo

    The forward viewing area on Amundsen Deck
  5. Marco Polo

    Jade Wellness Centre & Spa - reception area
  6. Marco Polo

    The Columbus Lounge
  7. Marco Polo

    The Marco Polo Show Lounge This was originally the main lounge aboard the ship when sailing as Alexandr Pushkin
  8. Marco Polo

    Cruise & Maritime Voyages On the River tyne 27th June 2014

    Cruise ship MARCO POLO alongside the Cunard Centre, Halifax, N.S. on 17th September 2015. Build 1965 Yard: MTW Shiffswerft GmbH, Wismar, Germany. IMO No: 6417097 GT 22,080 tons DWT 5,180 tons. LOA 177 LPP 155 B24 Depth 13,5 Draught 8.6 (m). Service Speed: 20.5 knots. Passengers 850...
  10. Marco Polo

    Cruise & Maritime Voyages The Livingstone Library
  11. Marco Polo

    Cruise & Maritime voyages Scott's Club Lounge
  12. Marco Polo

    Cruise & Maritime Voyages One of the traditional style open promenade decks - Amundsen Deck, aft
  13. Marco Polo

    Cruise & Maritime Voyages Marco's Restaurant awaiting evening diners
  14. MV Marco Polo of 1942

    The Italian passenger motor vessel Marco Polo photographed in Nov 1948 whilst leaving the Bay of Guayaquil, Ecuador for the Panama Canal. Image has a poor quality, it was taken amidst a rain squall. The Marco Polo was originally the Niccolo Giani, laid down on 12 May 1940 and launched on 10...
  15. Marco Polo

    Cruise & Maritime Voyages The Palm Garden Lounge
  16. Marco Polo

    The 'Captain's Club' main lounge
  17. Marco Polo

    Looking down river from North Shields
  18. Marco Polo

    The Waldorf Restaurant
  19. Marco Polo

    Turning on the River Tyne on 23rd May 2012
1-20 of 67 Results