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  1. The Radio Room
    Kiwi Trading have in their possession a large bell, possibly bronze, which is marked MARCONI, Type 3034, SL 1120, Made In England, 1938. I'm not aware of Marconi supplying ship's bells but I wasn't around in 1938! Can anyone throw any light on this item?
  2. The Radio Room
    I'll admit straight away that I am not an ex mariner, but I do look after the Marine Radio Collection at Internal Fire- Museum of Power in West Wales. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has any knowledge or experience or perhaps sailed with the Marconi Challenger. There won't be...
  3. The Radio Room
    I believe this is some sort of passing-out photo of a Marconi 'Induction Course'. I reckon early to mid 1950's. My brother Jack is2nd from left, back row. He was previously a Radar Operator in the RAF. After a few years as R/O he did a couple of contracts on the DEW Line before settling down as...
  4. Weybank 1971

    Classic Bank Line Marconi radio station complete with first trip deep sea on my own sparky.

    Bridge view showing one of the two AEI Escort radars and an ANSCHUTZ autopilot. The Marconi D/F was fitted in the chartroom seperatley.

    Can anyone please identify the RX on the desk? It was an ssb rx---not the Pennant that normally went with the Crusader Tx. Had a number something like H2301 and was green in colour- it was over 40 years ago!!
  7. M/V BAYNES/GYUJ 1969/70

    Radio Room of M/V BAYNES/GYUJ JEBSENS of Norway. Marconi equipped (mainly) radio room. This was the Jebsens ship that had a collision in Rotterdam end of January 1970 where a Norwegian tanker ROSS BAY, her steering gear broke down on river MAAS channel and steamed into us causing a 183 foot...
  8. M/V BAYNES/GYUJ 1969/70

    Radio Room of Bulk Carrier BAYNES. Marconi radio gear except for NERA VHF and AEI radarsx2

    Picture of "MARCONI" himself, the man who made radio transmissions across the seas possible. If it was not for him all us ex "sparkies" would probably have been hgv drivers, office clerks, train drivers or ladies hairdressers!! NO disrespect meant to any of the above professions, but R/O's...
  10. Marconi R/O

    A Junior R/O operating typical ''Marconi'' station of the period about 1960. I don't have any other details of this picture. I believe It was taken about 1964.
  11. Marconi

    Marconi departing Hobart in June 1970.
  12. Gentlemen of the Sea

    An old Marconi photo. Become one of their operators and enjoy a life of leisure and spend your duty hours in a spacious, airy environment
1-12 of 12 Results