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  1. Storrington

    Bridge view during the 12B storm on 27-02-2010
  2. Zawisza Czarny

    Gdynia Port during winter. Zawisza Czarny in front, Blyskawica behind.
  3. Baltica

    The Crew of R/v Baltica has rescued on 25th of January 2010 the dog floating on the ice floe 15 miles off shore. The dog has spent 4-5 days on the floe and has "traveled" about 200 km down the Vistula River. The journey has began in Torun. Two attempts to rescue the dog, one in Grudziac, another...
  4. Patricia

    THV Patricia crew have enjoyed Christmas 2009 at Falmouth.
  5. Sigas Linda

    Picture taken on 05-11-2009 ** Type of ship: Tankship Flag: Singapore Callsign: 9VMC4 IMO Number: 9034511 MMSI Number:565244000 Length: 73.0m Beam: 14.0m
  6. Don 4

    English Channel on 05-11-2009 ** Flag: Malta Callsign: 9HRC9 IMO Number: 9177399 MMSI Number: 249407000 Length: 100.0m Beam: 16.0m
  7. Delmas Keta

    Crossing Biscay on 07-11-2009
  8. Northern Star

    On the picture she has pilot onboard already, just to take tander inside and she will be ready to go. She has got for sure lots of pictures during the time she was in Falmouth. We wish her nice trip to Caribbean.
  9. Kielder & Independent

    Both sailed from Rotterdam, Kielder for Ipswich, Independent for Shoreham
  10. Swan Diana

    Swan Diana, Kielder sister ship, has been fitted with conveyour belts similar to another company ship Swanland. Here on River Orwell outbound.
  11. Stena Nordica

    She sailed from Falmouth on 06-12-2009 for Dublin. Regular run between Dublin and Hollyhead
  12. Sigas Linda

    English Channel wasn't nice on 05-11-2009. Sigas Linda is heading west. She was making only 4-5 knots, we were just 0.5 faster.
  13. Delmas Keta

    Delmas Keta crossing Biscay on 07-11-2009. She was heading to the Channel
  14. Sestri Star

    Seen on Biscay on 07-11-2009 looking from time to time like a submarine. BT on the funnel means BroinTermed
  15. Alsterdiep

    Alsterdiep Callsign: 5BKK2 Flag: Cyprus IMO Number: 9472000 MMSI Number: 212136000 Length: 80.0m Beam: 16.0m Seen off Portugal on 14-11-2009
  16. Stena Nordica

    She is finishing drydocking in Falmouth and soon will proceed to Dublin. She is sailing usually between Dublin and Hollyhead.
  17. Northern Star

    The weather here is terrible. Strong wind is causing Nortern Star has to run engine to maintain anchor position.
1-20 of 75 Results